Mason Greenwood speaks out on Manchester United exit: ‘I made mistakes’

Mason Greenwood speaks out on Manchester United exit: ‘I made mistakes’

Mason Greenwood has admitted to “making mistakes” after it was revealed he would not continue his career at Manchester United.

Greenwood was charged with attempted rape, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and controlling and coercive behaviour, following social media posts which appeared to reveal the now 21-year-old forcing himself upon a woman, before those charges were dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service in February.

United carried out their own internal investigation and have now concluded by mutual agreement with the player that his career should continue “away from Old Trafford”.

In a statement, Greenwood said: “I understand that people will judge me because of what they have seen and heard on social media, and I know people will think the worst. I was brought up to know that violence or abuse . is wrong, I did not do the things I was accused of, and in February I was cleared of all charges [the charges were actually dropped by the CPS when key witnesses withdrew their involvement and new material came to light].

“However, I fully accept I made mistakes . and I take my share of responsibility for the situations which led to the social media post. I am learning to understand my responsibilities to set a good example as a professional footballer, and I’m focused on the big responsibility of being a father.”

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Greenwood joined Manchester United as a young boy and broke into the club’s first team as a teenager, before earning a single international cap for England. But he will now look to rekindle his football career at a new club.

“Today’s decision has been part of a collaborative process between Manchester United, my family and me. The best decision for us all, is for me to continue my football career away from Old Trafford, where my presence will not be a distraction for the club. I thank the club for their support since I joined aged seven. There will always be a part of me which is United.

“I am enormously grateful to my family and all my loved ones for their support, and it is now for me to repay the trust those around me have shown. I intend to be a better footballer, but most importantly a good father, a better person, and to use my talents in a positive way on and off the pitch.”

Greenwood has two years left on his contract with the club.

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Mason Greenwood is leaving Manchester United (Martin Rickett/PA)</p>
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